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DICE changes Battlefield 2042's playlists for week two of Zero Hour

"Exodus Conquest will take a few weeks off"

DICE has updated Battlefield 2042's All-Out-Warfare playlists as part of week two of the game's first season: Zero Hour.

Breakthrough on the season's new map Exposure will get a dedicated playlist alongside the dedicated Conquest playlist already available.

This will make it easier for players to play Breakthrough on Exposure, as its currently based on pure luck.

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The Exodus Conquest playlist, which lets players use 2042's Specialists in the remastered maps from older Battlefield titles, will be removed for now to make room.

This week's missions have new challenges catered towards Breakthrough, including inflicting damage with primary weapons, getting kills with shotguns, and capturing objectives.

Zero Hour had a rocky start last week after players faced server issues. A report then came out which alleged that EA had entered 'abandon ship' mode for Battlefield 2042, with the majority of the team working on the next game.

In a statement to Eurogamer, EA called the report "untrue", insisting, "There is a significant team at DICE, alongside our other studios, focused on evolving and improving the Battlefield 2042 experience for all players."

Nevertheless, progress on adding new content and improvements has been made at a snail's pace, with only one new map added to the game since launch.