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DICE: Battlefield 3 could get Camaros

Studio GM thought blooper was "hilarious".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Battlefield 3 may get Camaros after all, DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson has told Eurogamer.

"Well we won't have them when we ship the game," he told us, "but listening to your story, I'll see what we can do!"

Camaros are vintage Chevrolet sports cars. They inspired special forces cars in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

The "story" Troedsson referred to was written by me for Eurogamer on 18th August 2011. And I'll never live it down.

The story claimed Camaros would be in Battlefield 3 on day one, and was based on what Troedsson told another site during a Gamescom interview.

Only, Troedsson didn't say "Camaros" at all, but "Commo Rose", which is a popular tool used to quickly give various pre-set orders at the press of a button.

"I thought it was hilarious!" he chuckled.

"As you noticed, I am often up on stage myself and doing presentations, and English isn't my first language. Every now and then I say stupid stuff as well.

"It's fun to see that people can actually make these kind of mistakes and then just go with it and say yeah I was wrong.

"We should sometimes step off our high-horses and just have a bit of fun with what we're doing," Troedsson said.

"But the internet can be a very, ha, harsh place to make mistakes."

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