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Diablo 3 third anniversary adds cow level on PC, PS4, Xbox One

PS3 and 360 get 100% XP and gold boost instead.

Diablo 3 is three years old! Its birthday present? A secret cow level.

The Secret Cow Level was a thing in Diablo 2, a place people went to farm hordes of bovine brutes. From 15th-21st May you can enjoy a similar experience in Diablo 3 on PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One, courtesy of a Totally Not a Cow Level buff. PS3 and 360 owners will get a 100 per cent buff to XP and gold instead (only for owners of the Ultimate Evil Edition).

For PC, PS4 and Xbox One owners of Diablo 3, an Elite cow enemy called Herald of the Queen will randomly appear. When you kill it, a portal to a place called Not The Cow Level opens.

It's a farmer's delight. There are lots of chests, both of the Resplendent and Radiant kind, and there's a Cow Queen as well as an Event to tackle. And there's a lot of mooing. Happy birthday, Diablo 3!

Oh he's seen you coming all right.
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