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Devolver's brolly-meets-bullets platform shooter Gunbrella is out this month

On Switch and PC.

Promo art for Gunbrella showing a cartoon illustration of its grizzled woodsman hero - sporting a wide-brimmed hat, flowing white scarf, and chaotic beard - angrily glaring at the screen, while a woman holds a young child close to her chest behind him.
Image credit: Doinksoft/Devolver Digital

Gunbrella, the 2D platform-shooter from developer Doinksoft and publisher Devolver Digital that very much lives up to its title, finally has a release date and will be unfurling onto Switch and PC with a dramatic fwap on 13th September.

Doinksoft's "gritty noir-punk action-adventure" follows the adventures of a gruff woodsman armed with the high-calibre brolly of the title as he embarks on a request for revenge. Soon, because this is very much one of those games, players become embroiled in a conspiracy involving ghouls, gangsters, cops, cultists, and, of course, a corporation run amok.

In more practical terms, that manifests as a side-scrolling action-platformer in which players take on the might of their foes using a brolly that's simultaneously a gun - enhanceable with munitions and upgrades fashioned from gathered scrap - plus a handy all-in-one shield.

Gunbrella's release date trailer.Watch on YouTube

There's more to the Gunbrella than that, though; players can use it to glide, swing, dash, and dive they way through their investigation, navigating unusual locations and chatting to equally unusual characters along the way - with all their findings handily recorded in notebook should they need to retrace their steps and explore new leads.

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan has extensively enthused about Gunbrella previously on this site, calling it "an absolute delight in every way" when he took its demo for a spin earlier this year. And if you too are intrigued, Gunbrella could be yours for the opening come its Switch and PC launch on 13th September.

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