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Devil Summoner 3DS named, detailed

Enhanced port of Devil Survivor DS.

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Atlus has revealed that its 3DS Devil Summoner title is an enhanced port of 2009's Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, which never made it to Europe but did appear in the US in June of that year.

That's according to a report in Famitsu (where else), translated by Andriasang.

Devil Survivor is a tactical role-playing game set in modern Tokyo, which has been overrun by demons. The centre of the city has been sealed off and you're trapped inside, fighting to find out what happened and simply survive, as the title suggests.

Previously the game had a neat gimmick where the story took place over seven days and the game always ended when that period was over. The 3DS version, Devil Survivor Over Clock, adds an eighth day on top of that.

That's not the only change though – there are now over 150 demons to contend with, new skills, full voice-acting (over 20,000 lines of dialogue), several difficulty levels, new maps, and visuals improved to suit the 3DS' higher-resolution screen (e.g. easier-to-read dialogue boxes and a broader map display).

Devil Survivor Over Clock is due out in Japan this year, although obviously there's no word yet on any western plans for the game.

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