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Development of Payday 3 is still in the "design phase" and using Unreal Engine


Payday Starbreeze developer has dropped a brief update on Payday 3.

While we haven't heard much about the co-operative shooter in recent months, the official PayDay 2 Twitter account "confirmed" the release date was still "TBA", and that the sequel is now in the "design phase" using Unreal Engine.

The tweet also revealed a single screenshot from the new game, too, although let's be honest - it doesn't give us much to go on, does it? Here, take a peek (thanks, wccftech):

Starbreeze has been under threat ever since the disastrous launch of Overkill's The Walking Dead on Steam. The game flopped, causing severe financial issues and the acrimonious exit of boss Bo Andersson. Check out our feature, The fall of Starbreeze for more.

In an update shared this time last year, Starbreeze said it expects new publishing agreements in 2020 and projected a significantly improved cash flow from 2022 on. This ambitious cash flow rise is based on "expected events", such as the release of Payday 3, the conclusion of a publishing agreement of Payday 3 during the first half of 2020 and financial backing from it, and a payment from the publishing agreement of mobile game Payday: Crime War.

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