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Deus Ex using Legend engine

Being taken "very seriously".

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Eidos Montreal boss Stephane D'Astous has said Deus Ex 3 will be built on the Tomb Raider: Legend engine.

Working with other Eidos studios like Crystal Dynamics (and IO Interactive) is a big plus for him, as it provides a solid foundation to quickly build upon. However, D'Astous is also adamant this game will not be rushed, but spend a regular two years in development.

"We chose the Crystal engine because we plan to help develop this engine more and then share it back with the rest of the company, the other Eidos studios." Stephane D'Astous told Develop.

"Having that technology from the start gives us a great advantage and foundation for our coders - there are no doubts about the approach, and we have few uncertainties."

Deus Ex 3 will be the first title Eidos Montreal has developed, before it moves on to another existing Eidos IP and then embarks on an original project.

It's taking the resurrection of the action role-playing FPS whatever series very seriously too, and looking to the cherished first instalment for inspiration.

"Deus Ex 3 is an incredible title to be working on, and will also help us attract talent. Real gamers, serious gamers. It's a big mandate we have received - and we take it very seriously," continued D'Astous.

"We have done our homework and we have done a lot of research into it. Our proof of concept was approved last month on our first try - I think we've impressed our colleagues back in the UK."

Deus Ex was released in 2000 and is considered by many to be among the finest games on PC ever. Clearly you are all forgetting about first-person shooter The Mark and its - we kid you not - exploding terrorist enemies.

Deus Ex 3 will be available on PC, 360 and PS3. And you can get a glimpse of the very first trailer over on Eurogamer TV.

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