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Deus Ex: Human Revolution game length

Too short? Too long? Spot on?

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The main Deus Ex: Human Revolution quest lasts a lengthy 25 hours, Eidos Montreal has revealed.

But that's providing you stick to the straight and narrow, explained Deus Ex: Human Revolution art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete to Will Porter for Eurogamer.

"Someone like me would probably spend 35 hours playing the game, because I'm really someone who likes to snoop around looking at all the possibilities an environment has for me – then choose which one I'm actually going to tackle," he said.

"In the playtests we've been doing at work we usually have people playing the game Monday morning to Friday night - they play from nine to five - and some of them don't even finish it. The ones who do play it in 25 hours or so – that's because they know that they're limited."

"They do a few side-quests and they snoop around a little bit, but they mostly want to finish it. So that gives us a good gauge that the main quest is about 25 hours long... so that's a hard number as we've seen it live. From that we can extrapolate that it can easily go up to 35 hours."

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an action role-playing game set years into the future in a time where men and women can be augmented by machinery. You, Adam Jensen, are one of those people, and you'll uncover a spiralling plot of corruption as you walk your destiny.

Check out Eurogamer's freshly minted preview to read how the game is shaping up.

Augment your life.

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