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Deus Ex, Eidos websites hacked – report

Personal data of 80,000 users stolen.

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Hackers have broken into Square Enix's official Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Eidos websites and stolen the personal data of "at least" 80,000 registered users, a new report claims.

9000 resumes were also taken, according to KrebsOnSecurity, a security news and investigation website.

Apparently the hackers plan to release the data on file-sharing networks.

According to logs lifted from the chatroom used by those responsible, the hackers are discussing whether to leak the "src" – likely the source code of the websites in question, although some have speculated it could relate to the source code of Deus Ex: Human Revolution itself.

The attack, which occurred on Wednesday, appears to have been conducted by a splinter cell of hacker group Anonymous, which has been blamed by Sony for last month's devastating PlayStation Network compromise. Anonymous has denied responsibility.

Anonymous has in recent days suffered from in-fighting. The internet relay chat (IRC) channels used by the hacker group were recently rendered unusable by disgruntled members of the organisation.

Eurogamer has contacted Square Enix for comment.

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