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Destiny players reckon they've discovered the release date for the game's next big expansion

Coming this Fallen.

Curious Destiny fans have spotted a clue that points to a possible 20th September release date for the game's next big expansion.

Rezyl Azzir's new Grimoire lore card.

The recent, enjoyable but limited April update includes a mysterious new piece of lore, hidden inside a Dead Ghost, which can be found in the Prison of Elders.

It's unlikely you'd find the item by chance so it seemed strange when, just 16 minutes after Bungie pushed the April update live, a walkthrough on how to find it popped up on Reddit.

The walkthrough was published by a Reddit user under the name of Rezyl Azzir, who had somehow downloaded the update, completed a full Prison of Elders run, and just happened to find the hidden object and posted a walkthrough about it. All in 16 minutes.

Other players were, unsurprisingly, stunned. But when they looked at where in the game the poster described, they too found the collectible. The lore it contained? It details a character named Rezyl Azzir, and a short story about his life during the founding of the game's City.

But as more fans found the item, the Rezyl Azzir from Reddit disappeared. The user deleted his post and his account, too.

However, Redditors were quick to spot a message in Latin posted by Azzir, shortly before the account was removed:

Translated by Latin-speaking Destiny players, this becomes:

Bungie has previously spoken of its next big Destiny expansion. It's coming in September, just like The Taken King last year.

The developer signed off its most recent weekly blog update with word of what is coming:

"The next point on the horizon is an update we're cooking up for the Fall," community manager Deej wrote. "I've seen it. I'm excited about it. I will say no more... For now.

"Hopefully, the ramp up to the April Update served up some proof that we love speaking at length about new Destiny content, once it arrives at its final form. Later on this summer, we'll show you the scope, scale, and flavour for the next challenge you'll face."

As for what it will be? Well, fans have a theory.

A new Mars area was apparently once due for inclusion in The Taken King, and the arrival of fresh Cabal aliens would fit with the Mars-living race's storyline in that expansion.

The race was seen fighting the Taken more fiercely than any other, and at one point there is a direct reference to the Cabal Empire - during a mission where a distress call is sent back to the race's high command, located somewhere outside the Solar System.

Bungie has yet to fully feature the Cabal in a major add-on to the game after the Hive-centric Dark Below and Fallen-centric House of Wolves. The first DLC pack originally planned for this year (before this DLC plan was scrapped) would have centred around the Cabal, in an add-on titled Forge of the Gods.

It may be we finally see story and settings from this DLC, and from the early Taken King plans, come this 20th September.

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