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Destiny's PVP mode now breaks up teams if they're too good

Iron Banner return dated.

Destiny's PVP modes have been refreshed with a new set of rules that dissolve matchmade teams which are vastly outperforming opponents.

Bungie introduced the new "Slaughter Rules" - which are now live - in last night's weekly update blog post.

"In the event of a massacre, all parties are returned to orbit at the conclusion of the match," designer Lars Bakken wrote.

In team-based playlists this means that if one team is "grossly over-performing", the session is dissolved in favour of matchmaking.

In Rumble playlists (Destiny's version of deathmatch), if three or more players are "grossly under-performing", the session is again dissolved in favour of matchmaking.

This latter change may help players stuck in matches where several on their team are no longer playing.

Destiny offers random rewards at the end of each match to all players, regardless of performance - something which has lead some nefarious users to log in and simply sit in wait for good loot to drop.

Bungie will also return its limited-time Salvage and Combined Arms modes, which see players fighting to secure relics and clashing with higher numbers of vehicles and heavy weapons.

When Destiny's The Dark Below expansion launches next week Bungie will also introduce separate playlists just for players with the add-on's three new maps.

Finally, Bungie has announced a return date for its Iron Banner PVP event - 16th December.

This third season will feature the same mechanics introduced in the last, but now with reputation reset for all entrants.

The Dark Below will not be required to enter Iron Banner, but you will be able to earn level 31 legendary armour for the first time.

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