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Destiny will add audio options and colourblind support in next update

Play your own tunes, mute the music and adjust chat volume.

Destiny will be getting more audio options and a Colourblind Mode in its upcoming 1.1.2 update, Bungie has announced.

Perhaps the most exciting addition will be the option to play your own music, though you'll also be able to adjust your teammate's chat volume and mute the soundtrack entirely, if that's your thing.

The upcoming visual customisation is probably an even greater game-changer for a fair number of folks.

"We don't all see the world the same way," said Bungie community manager Deej - as a certain infamous dress has recently proven. As such, Bungie has figured out an optional way to adapt its visuals in a manner more palatable to those with the most common form of colour blindness, Dueteranopia (i.e. the red/green variety).

"To provide a better solution, we increased the contrast between the colours we do have in the perceived palette," explained technical artist Nate Hawbaker. "We hope the new modes enable more players to make quick decisions about the elements in the game that are most important."

Here's how Destiny looks to most players:

This is a simulation of how it looks to people with Dueteranopia:

And this is how it looks in Dueteranopia (Colourblind) Mode:

Finally, this is how the radar will adapt between the modes.

Left to right: Standard Mode, simulated Dueteranopic view, and Dueteranopia Mode.

For the full rundown on these changes, head on over to the Bungie blog.

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