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Destiny players discover secret backstory behind The Taken King's ultimate boss

Ready to open a can of Worms?

Destiny: The Taken King has rightly received praise for including a far greater emphasis on the game's story and characters. But much of Destiny's lore still remains hidden away in its Grimoire cards, which, disappointingly, can still only be read outside the game on Bungie's website or app.

What do you call it when worms take over the world? Global Worming!

Grimoire cards can be unlocked when you find one of Destiny's hidden Dead Ghost collectibles, or the new Calcified Fragments in The Taken King expansion.

It is these Calcified Fragments which are now revealing a huge chunk of backstory for Destiny's Hive race - and Oryx, the Taken King himself, its leader.


To make a long, long story short, the lore explains the origins of the Hive race and Oryx himself - or, originally, herself.

The Hive trace their origins to a king that left behind three daughters: Xi Ro, Sathona, Aurash.

Things weren't going so well for the proto-Hive race. They were stuck living on shards of their former planet which had crashed into a toxic gas giant. Their numbers were dwindling due to predators and infighting.

Step up Aurash, eldest of the three sisters, who journeyed deep into the gas giant's core. She passed a friendly creature named the Leviathan, a disciple of the orb-like Traveller, then ventured further down to a dark race simply referred to as the Worms.

It was here that the three sisters made a pact with the Worms to join forces and morph themselves, becoming hosts for the Worms' larvae. The sisters would gain strength and new powers, but be bound to the Worms forever.

Each of the three morphed into new beings: Xi Ro into Xivu Arath, Sathona into Savathûn, and Aurash into Auryx (and once crowned, styled as Oryx) - a new king for the Hive.

Other Grimoire cards detail the fate of Awoken characters such as the Queen and her brother, last seen in The Taken King's opening cinematic.

There are 50 Calcified Fragments to collect, each with their own lore entry about the Hive. The details of these have been scooped up and can be browsed right now on Destiny Tracker. But players are still yet to find all of the game's Calcified Fragments in The Taken King itself - as well as other secrets. It may be a while before all of the game's story details emerge.

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