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Destiny launches level boost packs priced £25

Boost one character quick, but at what cost.

You can now pay £24.99 to boost a character to level 25 in Destiny.

The level packs are available for each of the game's three characters - Titan, Warlock and Hunter.

Destiny expansion The Taken King launched in September with one character boost included. This is the same offer, albeit with a subclass boost and some telemetries for quickly upgrading weapons as well.

Level boost packs are hardly new - World of Warcraft and others have had them for years. Time-saver packs aren't new either, and there's nothing in this pack you can't get in the game easily enough.

So, £25 for level 25? As someone who has played a lot of the game, the price is eye-watering.

The Taken King improves the game's storytelling to the extent that basic levelling of a character can be done in the background while you run through Destiny's main missions.

And even if you're sick of those, level 25 is nowhere near a competitive level. It is still 15 away from the game's level 40 cap, and even then it is nowhere near the secondary levelling system of Light.

Bungie has on the one hand offered a system where you can get a character started quickly, but for £25 you'd expect a little more for your cash. Or the same amount of progression for less.

It's worth bearing in mind that Destiny: The Taken King (including the base game and first two DLCs) was on sale for just $30 in the US yesterday - this is close to the same price again.

If you're already playing Destiny you will likely make your own mind up on this, even if you were thinking about starting a new character in the near future. If you weren't playing Destiny, know that these packs are far from necessary, or indeed advisable.