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Destiny has its first level 30 character

"N3AC3Y" has spent 107 hours playing across three hunters. One scored the world first.

Destiny has its first level 30 character.

American Mark Edward Neace Jr, aka N3AC3Y, scored the world first yesterday with a male Exo Hunter on Xbox. One exotic and eight legendary items are equipped. Here are the character stats, lifted from the player profile on

  • Defense: 1463
  • Light: 120
  • Agility: 7
  • Discipline: 48
  • Intellect: 308
  • Strength: 115

According to Destinydb, the player has spent 107 hours, 15 minutes and 22 seconds playing the game. A quarter of that time was spent in the competitive multiplayer mode, The Crucible. Over 13 hours was spent in the Vault of Glass raid. Destiny, which launched on 9th September, has been out for two weeks.

And get this, N3AC3Y has three hunters on his account: one level 30, one level 20 and one level 21.

Here's a tweet from N3AC3Y celebrating the achievement.

Think 107 hours since launch is excessive? His clan, Tier 1, tweeted:

Destiny has a soft level cap of 20, but you can go higher by equipping armour that has a light statistic. The higher your collective light stat, the higher level your character. The only problem is, high level gear with high light is hard to come by.

N3AC3Y is streaming Destiny right now.