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Destiny fans wolf down House of Wolves' hardest challenge

Level 35 Prison of Elders beaten in a matter of hours.

The race to beat Destiny's toughest new challenge is over.

A trio of players has broken through the new three-person Prison of Elders mode on its hardest setting, level 35.

Leading the team was Sunshadowr, who previously found fame for completing the game's Crota's End raid solo - without firing a single bullet.

House of Wolves' new Prison of Elders activity is available in three non-matchmade flavours - the fairly straightforward level 32, challenging 34 and downright hard as nails 35. Matchmaking is also available at level 28.

Destiny's new level cap is 34, meaning that anyone who attempts Prison of Elders on level 35 will do so with an automatic 33 per cent damage reduction.

But to make sure his team was first, Sunshadowr elected to take on the level 35 version when his team were all just level 33.

Unsurprisingly, the group took more than one attempt to get to the final boss.

In one run, Sunshadowr actually delivered the killing blow (and was awarded the Grimoire card for defeating the final boss) only to be killed himself - which meant the attempt still ended in a wipe.

Prison of Elders is Destiny's new end-game activity - there is no new raid in House of Wolves. Its rewards include materials to craft the game's best weapons and armour - and upgrade ones you already carry.

Watch Wes try to beat the Prison of Elders below:

Cover image for YouTube videoDestiny Prison of Elders gameplay - What to expect from House of Wolves