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Destiny fans despair as latest patch causes Beaver errors

UPDATE: Bungie offers a "hot fix" on PS4 and Xbox One.

UPDATE 28/07/2016 10.30pm: Bungie has offered a "hot fix" to its Beaver problem on PS4 and Xbox One.

"Fixed a network connectivity issue that was causing some players to be disconnected with Beaver errors," the developer said of this new update.

"This Hot Fix will be deployed to Legacy Consoles soon," Bungie added.

ORIGINAL STORY 28/07/2016 11.41am: Destiny has been swamped by Beavers following the latest patch.

This week's update to the game has caused problems for a sizable percentage of the game's playerbase. "Beaver" error codes are displaying for players as they attempt to land in the game's social spaces. (Destiny names many of its error codes after animals or fruit).

The patch has somehow affected players with differing NAT settings, users suspect. Joining others with different settings to you can cause yourself or others to be disconnected from the game - and in the player-filled hub spaces, this is a major problem.

For its part, Bungie has said it is aware of the issue, although there has been no sign yet of a resolution. It has also suggested various solutions to do with port forwarding, although many fans are still unable to play properly.

As expected, Destiny's vocal fanbase isn't best pleased. Over on the game's official forums, some have said they will cancel their pre-order for upcoming expansion Rise of Iron.

And on Reddit, there are various threads about the issue. "Patch 2.3.1 should henceforth be known as the Beaver update", one is titled. It has 435 upvotes and 243 comments.

"If u haven't tried to play destiny post patch: they broke stuff again," the post's author wrote. "Many players are unable to launch any activity (including tower) due to Beaver errors. Bungo hasn't been able to fix it in over 12hrs."

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