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Destiny beta now available to download on Xbox One

Maintenance complete, servers return early on PS4.

A little earlier than planned, Destiny's beta is now available to download on Xbox One.

Bungie's sci-fi shooter was originally set to launch its Xbox One beta at 5pm today, but codes for the download became available last night.

The developer stated that it had finished its planned maintenance sooner than expected and would therefore grant Xbox One owners access sooner rather than later.

PlayStation 3 and 4 owners also benefited - beta servers for those platforms returned online at the same time.

The Destiny beta is open to anyone who pre-ordered the game. Redeem the code you received via Bungie.net and you'll receive three beta codes for the platform of your choice - enough for you and two of your mates.

Bungie has said that the Xbox One version is currently having some "party stabilisation errors" - it recommends restarting your console to fix the problem.

Could Destiny be the first MMO to really work on console? It's one of the beta's five main talking points that Martin Robinson pondered after a weekend playing on PS4.