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Destiny April update release date, Prison of Elders refreshed

Light level cap raised to 335, new strike and quests.

Bungie has detailed its Destiny April update, which finally adds new PVE content to the game on 12th April.

New boss Malok.

Highlights of the free add-on include a new strike and new Prison of Elders challenges which see you facing Taken enemies.

The game's Light level cap will also be raised up to 335.

April's fresh strike pits you against a new Taken boss, Malok, who is trying to muscle in on the power vacuum left by Oryx.

Destiny's new storyline will launch on the Reef - the setting of the Prison of Elders - and once again see the return of fan-favourite characters Variks and Petra.

Variks has a line of new quests, while PlayStation players will get some quests from Petra, too.

The largest addition is probably the new Prison of Elders refresh, which will offer a matchmade mode at 260 Light and a harder mode for players at 320 Light (the game's previous level cap) and above.

New gear to earn.

Four new Taken bosses will feature, with modifiers changing every week.

Playing through the new update will let you raise up to 320 Light if you're not there already, Bungie said this evening, as it showed off the new content via Twitch.

The 260 Light Prison of Elders will let you open its reward chest as many times as you want (there's no more keys necessary) for random loot. Meanwhile, the 320 Light Prison of Elders is a points-based affair with top-level loot that can get you to 335 Light.

Year One strike Winter's Run (with the Archon Priest) has also been refreshed as a Taken strike in the Vanguard playlist. And the microtransaction store Eververse Trading is also now available in the Reef.

There are other changes too - new things for PVP players and changes to the game's overall sandbox. These will be illuminated in the coming weeks.