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Destiny 2's pre-order loot takes a while to unlock


So, you pre-ordered Destiny 2 and/or bought a fancy edition with extra goodies unlocked? Well, don't expect to play with them straight away.

If you pre-ordered Destiny 2 than you'll have unlocked the cool Coldheart exotic trace rifle. It was the subject of a trailer, and is exclusive to pre-order customers until December.

But, perhaps wisely, you can't go pick it up and immediately annihilite everything with it. You'll need to finish the entire Destiny 2 story campaign and hit the level cap of 20 before being able to claim it: it'll be waiting for you at the Gunsmith.

Strangely, the same is true of the Kill-Tracker Ghost, another pre-order freebie. This shell displays your campaign and Cruicible kill counts on screen - but you'll only be able to nab it after beating the game and hitting level 20.

Then there's the special edition bonus of a legenedary sword which - you guessed it - requires a level 20 character and you to have beaten the game's story.

On the upside, you will be able to collect your various pre-order/special edition emblems and emotes much sooner - upon reaching the game's Farm social space.

Pre-order customers get a legendary Salute emote, while limited edition owners get a Cabal-themed emblem. You can unlock these from your vault kiosk in the Farm, on the Collection screen. Here you can also nab any emblems you unlocked for making progress through Destiny 1's final Moments of Triumph.

It's a little surprising to find pre-order exclusives locked away for a good 20 hours or so - Destiny 2's story campaign is meatier than that of the first. But as Destiny is such a loot-obsessed game, not finding something which would immediately overpower your character is probably for the best.

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