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Despite Fallout TV success, an Elder Scrolls series seems unlikely

"I'll probably say no."

Photo from the Fallout premiere in LA showing a person dressed as a Brotherhood of Steel member
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Despite Amazon's Fallout adaptation getting a very positive reception so far, it doesn't seem likely that other Bethesda properties will be getting the same treatment. At least, not on Todd Howard's watch.

During the Fallout premiere in Los Angeles, IGN asked Howard - who served as an executive producer on the Fallout series - if fans could expect TV adaptations from other Bethesda franchises, such as Elder Scrolls. But, for now, it isn't looking likely.

"There's nothing in the works," Howard told the publication, before adding: "Everybody asks, like, about Elder Scrolls, and I keep saying no also. And I would approach those - I'll probably say no."

Fallout TV series trailer. Watch on YouTube

Meanwhile, reflecting on Fallout's newly-released adaptation, Howard admitted: "You never know if someone's gonna click. But I think this really came out of, 'we think things are aligning to do a high-quality job'. It wasn't forced. It was kind of a natural relationship and 'hey, this sounds really cool'. As opposed to, 'we should have a show', right? It never came from that."

While this may be disappointing for some Elder Scrolls or Starfield fans, it is worth noting that Howard previously said no to a Fallout adaptation. So, never say never.

As for Fallout, the show got a promising update earlier this week, with the news that the California Film Commission had awarded $152m in tax incentives to a number of TV shows. A second season of Fallout was included on this list.

For more, be sure to check out Eurogamer's Fallout TV series review, where Graeme Virtue called the show "a lovely, if blood-spattered, surprise". We awarded the show four out of five stars.

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