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Demon's Souls Tendency explained: How World and Character Tendency works, and moving to White or Black Tendency explained

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The world of Demon's Souls lies a dark secret - the secret of how Tendency, a mechanic which impacts what characters appear, whether you can access certain areas and items in the game, actually works.

There are two types - World Tendency and Character Tendency - which, when understood, can be manipulated to use to your advantage in all sorts of ways.

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Demon's Souls Tendency explained in brief

Tendency is a stat that splits into two categories; World and Character. Here's the essentials of how Tendency works as a whole:

  • This stat works on a scale - from one end, 'Pure Black', through to 'Black', 'Grey', 'White' and 'Pure White' on the other end - meaning 'Grey' is neutral. You're able to see this on the menu, and on the HUD in the top right. Tendency also has its own section in the main menu.
  • Character Tendency can be found next to your health bar, and World Tendency can be found from the HUD, with its own section.
  • When you begin the game, both Character and World Tendency will be neutral, or 'Grey', if playing in offline mode.
  • You can impact your Tendency in a multitude of different ways, which will have a noticeable impact on your experience in the game.
  • There is no advantage in keeping your Tendency neutral, or 'Grey'.
  • Playing online can influence your World Tendency, based on the World Tendency of other characters.

Character Tendency works differently to World Tendency, in the sense that it's separated from the Archstones, and affects your health, attack power and what NPCs can appear in the game.

This is again, quite easily manipulated without any issues, in the same way that World Tendency can also be manipulated. Character Tendency is a little less important, and has less of an impact than World Tendency.

How to get White World Tendency and White World Tendency differences in Demon's Souls explained

If World Tendency is White or above, then:

  • Enemies will drop less souls, but will also be easier to kill.
  • Other benefits include certain characters appearing, areas slightly changing to gain access to more loot, and difficult enemies such as Black Phantoms disappearing.

To get White or Pure White World Tendency, you must defeat Black Phantom invaders, clear out an area boss (With the exception of Old King Doran), or kill Primeval Demons, which only appear when you have a Black World Tendency.

This can be difficult, as you must ensure that you do not die in Body Form at any particular Archstone.

How to get Black World Tendency and Black World Tendency differences in Demon's Souls explained

If you have Black or 'lower' World Tendency, then:

  • Enemies will be more difficult to defeat, giving them more HP.
  • 'Black Phantom' NPCs can appear and attack you.
  • There will be Primeval Demons in certain levels.
  • You will get a boost to your 'luck' stat, and enemies will drop more souls.

To get Black or Pure Black World Tendency, then you must repeatedly die in Body Form in that particular area. Just use a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes in order to do this, which will resurrect you to Body Form.

You can also impact World Tendency by killing NPC characters who appear in those certain areas, and by killing Old King Doran in Boletarian Palace.

How to get White Character Tendency and White Character differences in Demon's Souls explained

To get White or Pure White Character Tendency, you can perform actions such as defeating Black Phantoms (player invaders or NPC invaders) and defeating the Old Monk from the Maneater Archstone in online mode.

This stat will affect how much HP you have in Soul Form, and will make your attacks stronger when in Pure White. This is easy to manipulate, and can be done easily if you put your Soul Sign down to help other players in their world to kill a boss, or defeat Black Phantoms.

How to get Black Character Tendency and Black Character differences in Demon's Souls explained

Black and Pure Black Character Tendency is equally simple to achieve.

This stat will affect how much HP you have in Soul Form, and allow Mephistopheles to appear in the Nexus, if you have previously killed Yurt. You can manipulate Character Tendency to Black by invading other players and killing the host, and killing innocent NPCs.