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Demon's Souls farming spots: The best souls and grass farming locations for the early and late game

The best methods for stocking up on souls and grass in a pinch.

Farming in Demon's Souls might feel like a necessary from time to time, whether it's giving you a souls boost to repair gear or level up, or tracking down much needed 'grass' and 'spice' to restore HP and MP.

This page covers some of the best Demon's Souls farming spots in the early and late game to make this just a little bit easier for you as you wander the forsaken kingdom of Boletaria.

It should be noted that for any grinding or farming, we recommend that you remain in Soul form, just to prevent any accidental deaths in the area that will lower your character tendency, which could potentially impact the rest of your experience in the game. (In case you're not sure how that system works, be sure to check out our World Tendency explainer.)

On this page:

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Early game grass and soul farming spot recommendation in Demon's Souls

One of the best spots early in the game for Soul farming, as well as Half Moon Grass farming is the Tower Knight Archstone, which is accessible after defeating the aforementioned boss.

As you warp in here from the Nexus, there will be a two Blue Eyed Knights, if you're careful, you'll be able to easily backstab them to gain a cool 500 souls each in Pure White World Tendency, and this amount can be raised further if you have a lower World Tendency, or Pure Black World Tendency.

Defeating the two Blue-Eyed Knights in Tower Knight Archstone on Demon's Souls on PS3.Watch on YouTube

The two Blue-Eyed Knights will also regularly drop two Half Moon Grasses each. In addition to this, after you manage to backstab the second Blue Eyed Knight at the end of the tunnel, you'll be faced with three crossbowmen.

Take them out, and they will also drop around 100 Souls, and also have the potential to drop two Half Moon Grasses each, dependent on your 'Luck' stat. Then, warp back to the nexus, and back to the Archstone again to rinse-and-repeat this tactic.

This is a very very easy early game strategy in case you need either grasses, or need to level up early on. The Blue Eyed Knights and Crossbowmen also drop Crescent and Full Moon Grasses, albeit a little less regularly than the Half Moon Grass.

Late game grass and soul farming spot recommendation in Demon's Souls

For this second method of Soul Farming, we recommend that you obtain Stormruler, and defeat the Storm King. After this, Head to the Archstone of the Shadowmen from the Nexus, and warp to the Old Hero Archstone, which can be found to the right of the broken Archstone in the Nexus.

This is a late-game strategy, but one that is incredibly lucrative for those looking to gain a large amount of souls in a short space of time. As ever, you'll always get more souls if you have already set the conditions to obtain Pure Black World Tendency in the game, but even the slightest mistake will prevent that - in our case, we went through in Pure White World Tendency, which is much easier to attain.

Once at the Old Hero Archstone, be sure to equip Storm Ruler as your main weapon, then head out and then follow the patch to the right, where you will encounter a huge number of Storm Beasts, each of whom drop 1270 souls.

Be sure to time the Storm Ruler's charged R2 attack in order to kill them in one hit, while avoiding their volley of ranged barb attacks.

We recommend that you equip the Thief's Ring, which is attainable from near where you find Ostrava in the Boletarian Palace. With the ring equipped, it'll be harder for the Storm Beasts to detect you, and you'll have a significantly easier time farming in this area.

But, do be warned. This is not an easy run, however the rewards are in the tens of thousands of souls, in addition to the Cloudstone shards that the Storm Beasts also drop.

Again, the Thief's Ring and Storm Ruler are the key when running this dangerous route, so be sure to pick the Thief's Ring up from the Boletarian Palace, and Storm Ruler as you fight the Storm King for the first time.

The Storm Ruler has a weight value of 6.0, so be sure you have enough item load capacity, as if you don't, it will disappear after you initially examine it.