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Demon's Souls best armour set recommendations, including Fluted, Gloom, Dark Silver, Dull Gold, Brushwood and Ancient King set locations explained

Boost your defensive capabilities with our armour recommendations.

When it comes to Demon's Souls, you're going to need every possible advantage you can get, and tracking down the best Demon's Souls armour should be top of your list.

We've done the research and put some time into discovering just what the best sets of armour are in Demon's Souls - and no matter what your character build might be, we've got a set that'll fit right with you.

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How to get the Fluted armor set in Demon's Souls

The Fluted Armor Set Location: Knight class starting armour; Tower of Latria 1F, near breakable barrels

The iconic Fluted Armor set is the starting Armor for the Knight Class in Demon's Souls, but it's also surprisingly strong, can be equipped by both genders available and could easily last throughout your playthrough of the game.

It has a high equip load, meaning that unless you level up your endurance, you won't be able to use the quickest possible roll, however it does indeed provide a good middle ground for users who don't want to use the heavy roll, and still be armored to the gills.

If you didn't pick the Knight as the starting class, you're able to find the Fluted Armor Set in the Tower of Latria. Head to the hallway with the Prisoner Horde on 1F, very near to where you're able to get the Prison of Hope West 1F key, then, right next to it behind some barrels will be the Fluted Armor set.

Fluted statsNormalBluntSlashingPiercingMagicFireBleedPoisonDiseaseWeight
Fluted Helmet141417.5148108604.6
Fluted Armor343440.73419242415011.5
Fluted Gauntlet212125.321121514906.9
Fluted Leggings212125.321121514906.9

How to get Yurt's Gloom armor set in Demon's Souls

Yurt's Gloom Armor Set Location: Tower of Latria, follow glowing stones before taking the elevator down; The Nexus (after Yurt has been freed)

The Gloom Armor set is a very strong, Male-only set in Demon's Souls, that boasts higher poison resistance than even the Fluted Set that the Knight starts with. This set could easily see you through to the end of the game, it's also surprisingly easy to attain.

The Gloom set also comes with a slight stamina regeneration penalty.

This method involves killing Yurt, the Silent Chief as soon as you free him in the Fool's Idol Archstone.

As you find and free him by following the Augites of Guidance. He isn't initially hostile, so it's very easy to get him to fall from the small platform you're both on, or by backstabbing him. After you kill him, quit and reload the game, and the Gloom Armor set will be yours.

However, if you do not kill Yurt here, he will appear in the Nexus after you have killed the next boss, and if you do not kill him here, he will begin to kill key NPC's in the Nexus.

You've been warned! After you kill him, if you have Pure Black Character Tendency, Mephisopheles will appear in the Nexus with a request.

Gloom statsNormalBluntSlashingPiercingMagicFireBleedPoisonDiseaseWeight
Gloom Helmet131316.313891818184.6
Gloom Armor343440.834192446464611.5
Gloom Gauntlet2020242012142828286.9
Gloom Leggings2020242012142828286.9

How to get Garl Vinland's Dark Silver armour set in Demon's Souls

Garl Vinland's Dark Silver Armor Set Location: Dirty Colossus Archstone, near Maiden Astraea in the swamp to the left walkway, and Garl Vinland will begin to pursue you.

To obtain the powerful, male-only Dark Silver Armor Set in Demon's Souls, which offers slightly better stats than the Fluted Set, at the cost of a slightly higher weight, but still offers mobility, and if you want it, style.

To obtain this set, you'll need to defeat Maiden Astrea's lover and protector, Garl Vinland. He is found at the Dirty Colossus Archstone, if you take a left and head down, he will start to approach you.

His heavy hammer, Bramd is a force to be reckoned with, and unless your parrying skills are top notch, we recommend using the ranged attacks like Soul Ray, Soul Arrow, or any host of Fire Magic to defeat him. The other option is to duel him at close range, but this is very difficult due to the strength of the Bramd.

Dark Silver statsNormalBluntSlashingPiercingMagicFireBleedPoisonDiseaseWeight
Dark Silver Helmet141417.51411108605.4
Dark Silver Armor363643.23627252415013.5
Dark Silver Manifer20202420161414908.1
Dark Silver Leggings20202420161414908.1

How to get Selen Vinland's Dull Gold armour set in Demon's Souls

Selen Vinland's Dull Gold Armor Set Location: Leechmonger Archstone, in the swamp on a secluded island (Pure White World Tendency Only)

The Dull Gold set is a fantastic, light, female-only armor set that can be acquired in a few ways. The first one is by killing Selen Vinland in the Leechmonger Archstone, near the first fog gate. You'll need to have Pure White World Tendency in order to get her to appear.

She drops the Dull Gold set when killed. But be warned, this is a tough fight in the swamps, and her sword, Blind, will be able to ignore any shields you have.

She also heals at low health, so we recommend getting a large greatsword such as the Claymore or Dragon Bone Smasher to knock her back repeatedly using your heaviest hits. Poison Cloud also works, but you'll need to recast it a few times. Be warned that killing Selen Vinland will also drop your Character Tendency.

Near the nest of Phosphorescent Slugs in the Leechmonger Archstone near to where you can also get the Large Sword of Moonlight if you've fulfilled the correct conditions, will be a lone Phosphorescent Slug, that also drops a full set of Dull Gold Armor.

Dull Gold statsNormalBluntSlashingPiercingMagicFireBleedPoisonDiseaseWeight
Dull Gold Helmet131316.3131198603.8
Dull Gold Armor323238.4322722241509.6
Dull Gold Gauntlets191922.819161314905.8
Dull Gold Leggings191922.819161314905.8

How to get Biorr's Brushwood armour set in Demon's Souls

Biorr's Brushwood Armor Set Location: Boletarian Palace, near archstone to the left, then down a long ladder after Executioner Miralda (requires Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency)

The Brushwood set is an extremely heavy, unisex set that will suit heavier, slower builds. Don't expect to be rolling lightly with this, as it's weight rating is very high, but it offers extremely high defence in many categories.

It can be attained either by killing Biorr of the Twin Fangs, which we do not recommend, since he does extremely high damage, and has very high health. Also, he's one of the kindest NPC's you'll meet in Demon's Souls.

But if you do want to kill him, we recommend doing it in the Nexus, using the Poison Cloud spell repeatedly.

If you don't want to kill your buddy Biorr, then we recommend heading to the Boletarian Palace, where if you have attained Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency, you'll be able to open a door to the left of where you teleport in.

Once inside, you'll be faced with Executioner Miralda. She is extremely powerful, so we only recommend doing this when you're late in the game.

The usual Poison Cloud strategy works well, or you can use a combination of the Thief's Ring and your best weapon to repeatedly backstab her and move out of range. Nearby in a pit lay the remains of Vallarfax of the Twin Fangs, and his iconic set of Brushwood Armor.

Ensure you have enough carrying capacity to actually pick this up, as it will disappear if you examine it and head back to the Nexus.

Brushwood setNormalBluntSlashingPiercingMagicFireBleedPoisonDiseaseWeight
Brushwood Helmet171721.3178148606.9
Brushwood Armor424250.44219312415017.3
Brushwood Gauntlets252530251219149010.4
Brushwood Leggings252530251219149010.4

How to get the Ancient King armour set in Demon's Souls armor set

Old King Doran's Ancient King Armor Set Location: Boletarian Palace, past the Red Eyed Knight (requires Mausoleum Key)

The best armour set in Demon's Souls, in our opinion, is the Ancient King's set which offers the best balance between weight and defence in the game. This set is dropped by Old King Doran.

Ancient King setNormalBluntSlashingPiercingMagicFireBleedPoisonDiseaseWeight
Ancient King's Mask121215129138603.1
Ancient King's Breastplate313137.2312134241507.7
Ancient King's Gauntlet191922.819132114904.6
Ancient King's Leggings191922.819132114904.6

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