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Demon's Souls coming to Europe?

Update: Namco to announce tomorrow.

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Update: Namco Bandai has told VG247 that it will make a formal announcement on the European release of Demon's Souls tomorrow. Which is almost a formal announcement in itself, to be honest. It's happening!

Original story: A listing on the website of Germany's ratings board has given hope that cult PS3 dungeon-crawl Demon's Souls is finally to get a European release, courtesy of Namco Bandai.

We can't find the listing - spotted by a NeoGAF forumite - any more, suggesting it may have been removed, but Kotaku has pictorial evidence.

The From Software game was originally published by Sony in Japan, but the platform holder felt it was too niche for Western tastes (which it later admitted was a mistake).

Atlus then stepped into the breach and released Demon's Souls in North America. Following a swell of interest on the import scene, it became a minor hit with RPG fans, selling a quarter of a million copies - but Atlus doesn't have the resources to release games in Europe.

Demon's Souls is amazing: spooky, tough and hypnotic, with highly original design and online features. Read Keza's original import review and Kristan's Games of 2009 testimonial for more. And if you can't wait for confirmation, remember that the US version is region-free.

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