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Atlus bringing Demon's Souls to US

Wonderful game, worthy of translation.

Sony America brings word via Twitter that Demon's Souls is on its way West this autumn.

"Our friends at Atlus [have] just informed us: they're bringing Demon's Souls to North America this fall. Look for updates at E3!" reads the post.

Demon's Souls, which picked up a 9/10 review on Japanese import, is a vast action RPG developed by From Software.

Or, as we put it this time last month, "Demon's Souls is absolutely compelling; dark, detailed, unforgiving, creatively cruel. It gets under your skin and becomes a personal obsession, daring you to probe further into its worlds, fall for more of its traps and overcome more of its impossible challenges; it slaps you in the face with your own incompetence and dares you to overcome it."

There's no word on a European version - Atlus doesn't publish directly over here - but the absence of region-locking on PS3 games means that anybody whose interested was pique by the Japanese release can start counting the days anyway.