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Sony: dropping Demon's Souls "a mistake"

It's sold nearly a quarter of a million.

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Sony Japan localisation specialist Yeonkyung Kim has admitted that the company's decision not to publish cult dungeon crawl Demon's Souls worldwide was an error.

"That was a mistake," Kim told an audience at GDC last week, according to 1UP. "It should have come out as a first-party title."

Sony published the From-developed PS3 game in Japan, but, assuming it to be a niche project that would fail outside the country, passed up on worldwide rights.

After strong word of mouth on the import scene, Atlus picked up Demon's Souls for release in the US (depsite reluctance from Sony Japan). It became a sell-out success, with current sales approaching a quarter of a million, according to the report.

Few would complain about Atlus' support of the game on its US release, but it's hard not to bemon Sony's decision for the simple reason that it might have seen Demon's Souls arrive on European shelves.

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