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Death Stranding Director's Cut gets March release date on PC

And it'll cost $10/€10 to upgrade from the original.

Death Stranding Director's Cut - the tarted up version of Hideo Kojima's acclaimed damp hillside traipsing adventure - will be making its way to Steam and the Epic Games Store on 30th March, with a $10 upgrade offer for owners of the original.

Death Stranding Director's Cut initially launched for PS5 last summer, introducing new story elements, a photo mode, expanded combat, new gadgets - including a laser gun and mounted machine guns - plus a variety of other tweaks to the original. Oh, and it threw in a fully featured racing mode too, because why not? The new PC version, incidentally, also features Xe Super Sampling and ultra-wide monitor support.

The end result of the spruce-up was a pleasing expansion of Kojima's 2019 original - which Eurogamer called a "baffling, haunting, grand folly" in its review - and Digital Foundry even dubbed the Directors Cut a "beautifully-tailored PS5 experience" that was worth the money.

Death Stranding Director's Cut PS5: The Digital Foundry Tech Review.Watch on YouTube

The Director's Cut proved a particularly good deal for players that had already purchased the original, with 505 Games offering an extremely reasonable upgrade option, costing just $10/€10/£5. And the publisher has now detailed a similar upgrade offer for PC, once again costing $10/€10. UK pricing (or indeed non-discounted pricing) is yet to be confirmed.

If you're at all tempted by the thought of Death Stranding's Director's Cut, it's worth pointing out that the original game is currently discounted to £16.49 on Steam and £19.24 on the Epic Store as part of their respective Lunar New Year sales. Buying the first game now and grabbing the discounted upgrade on 30th March might be the way to go.

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