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Death Stranding Director's Cut launches for PC this spring

Mads world.

The souped-up Death Stranding Director's Cut will come to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store this spring.

This is the version which arrived first for PlayStation 5 last summer, now with Intel's fancy XeSS super sampling technology too.

It adds extra story snippets, fresh gadgets and handy tweaks. Digital Foundry dubbed Death Stranding's Directors Cut upgrade a "beautifully-tailored PS5 experience" that was worth the money.

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Speaking of money, there's no word today on the ability to upgrade existing PC copies of Death Stranding to this Director's Cut version. (On PS5, upgrades were set at a very reasonable £5.)

"We're keeping things short but sweet today, but also know many of you will have several questions," publisher 505 Games wrote on Steam today. "Don't worry though, we'll answer as many as we can at the end of January. Stay tuned for more information!"

We've asked 505 for details on the upgrade in the meantime.