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Dead Space remake gets another airing in new dev livestream this Friday

We've been waiting for Aegis.

EA Motive will be turning down the lights and cranking up the volume for another look at its still-early-in-development remake of Visceral Games' much-love sci-fi horror classic Dead Space in a new developer livestream airing on Friday, 11th March.

This will, of course, be our second opportunity to scrutinise EA Motive's remake; following its unveiling last July, the developer shared a very early look at its progress as part of an "unorthodox" livestream one month later, focussing on enhancements being made to the original's moody environments, zero-g traversal, and dismemberment and damage systems.

With fans' appetites suitably whetted, though, the developer announced it would be going dark while it took some time to review "all the thoughts, theories, and suggestions you've all shared with us", promising that it would return this year.

Cover image for YouTube videoDead Space Official Teaser Trailer – EA Play Live 2021
Dead Space - Official Teaser Trailer.

And here we finally are, with news of 2022's first showing for Dead Space, which will air on YouTube this Friday, 11th March at 6pm GMT/10am PT/1pm ET. EA Motive hasn't explicitly revealed what it'll be showcasing this time around, but a Twitter tease for the livestream reads, "Did you ~hear~ what our next Dead Space Developer Livestream will cover?", suggesting it'll be the turn of the sound team to discuss how they're building on the 13-year-old classic.

Dead Space, for those unfamiliar, casts players in the role of engineer Isaac Clarke, sending them on a terrifying journey through the shadowy interior of the mining ship USG Ishimura, overrun by nightmarish creatures known as the necromorphs.

EA previously said its remake would raise "the level of horror and immersion to unprecedented heights...through stunning visuals, audio and controls". It also promised improved story, characters, game mechanics, "and more", with the publisher having since confirmed the Ishimura will be a seamless environment in its new version, with no loading screens between areas, and that Isaac will - somewhat controversially - no longer be a silent protagonist.

There's still no hint of a release date for the Dead Space remake - which has been in development for around a year and a half - but it's coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.