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Dead Space heading to Wii this year

Mass Effect II, Bad Company by April 2010.

Electronic Arts boss John Riccitiello has said that a sequel to Battlefield: Bad Company is in development along with a Wii Dead Space game, and that Mass Effect II will be released before the end of the company's next financial year.

That would put the BioWare sequel on shelves by the start of April 2010, which is the same timeframe EA's chief executive outlined for the new Bad Company game "back on consoles" in development at DICE in Stockholm.

Riccitiello said "BioWare will release Mass Effect II on multiple platforms" in reference to the fourth quarter of the company's financial year. Newsweek's N'Gai Croal reports: "EA PR not confirming Mass Effect 2 for PS3, only 360 and PC." We're waiting to hear from EA UK.

As for Dead Space, Riccitiello had been talking about extending series to the Wii. "We are bringing core intellectual properties and franchise in categories we think have legs on the Wii platform," he explained.

"A good example of this is Dead Space. We are bringing a Wii title to market this year, and it is absolutely going to be the quality and fear factor that you've got on the PS3/Xbox 360 and PC SKU this past year."

Elsewhere in its Q3 FY09 earnings report, EA revealed several game delays, including The Sims 3, and plans to shut down 12 offices following a USD 641 million loss.

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