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Dead Space 3 item exploit negates use of micro-transactions

No need to give Ishimura your money.

Crafty Dead Space 3 players have uncovered an item-spawning glitch that can be used to farm unlimited resources.

It means that, with a little time and patience, you can entirely avoid the game's controversial micro-transactions but still reap the extra resources they provide.

Dead Space 3's micro-transaction system allows you to swap real-world money for in-game resources, used to craft bigger and better weapons.

The glitch (which simply involves exiting and re-entering a room) can spawn one of these resources. Alternatively it can offer up a health or stasis pack, which in turn may be sold to buy yet more resources.

Dan Whitehead authored Eurogamer's Dead Space 3 review, in which he described the game's micro-transaction system as "greedy".

"Should you run low on any particular resource, you can top yourself up by spending real money from the workbench menu," he wrote. "Technically, you won't need to. I managed to complete the game without spending any extra and never felt like I'd been held back, but by the same token there were plenty of moments where I fell just short of what was needed.

"I scraped through, but faced with an uncertain journey to the next workbench, it's easy to see how the temptation would be hard to resist, especially when certain resources are conspicuously less common than others."

Publisher EA has also faced criticism of the game's 11 day-one DLC packs - upgrades for your Scavenger Bots, extra suits, weapons and the like.

Yesterday EA announced Dead Space 3: Awakening, the game's first story DLC, due out next month.

Dead Space 3 launches in the UK this Friday.

You can see a video of the glitch in action below (thanks, GameFront). How long will it take before EA rushes out a fix?

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