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de Blob 2 is coming to Switch next month

Time to splash out again.

Colour-smearing platform sequel de Blob 2 is heading to Switch on August 28th, THQ Nordic has announced.

Switch owners will be getting a version of de Blob 2 based on the same remaster that released on PC in 2017, and on PS4 and Xbox One earlier this year. This enhanced edition offered a resolution boost over the original game on other platforms, as well as FXAA anti-aliasing and upscaled videos - although THQ Nordic is yet to outline the improvements that will be making their way to Switch.

Cover image for YouTube videoDe Blob 2 - Release Trailer (PC)

De Blob 2, which originally released on Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii in 2011, follows a similar formula to its predecessor, offering another delightful bout of exploration and platforming built around a compelling colour-splashing core. And there's another great soundtrack too.

Once again, the goal is to restore colour to the monochromatic Prisma City (what with the villainous Comrade Black up to his old tricks again), but de Blob 2 expands on the original's strictly 3D design with 2D side-scrolling segments, and adds new moves and transformative abilities. It even managed to squeeze in a new two-player co-op mode and a collection of multiplayer, split-screen party games.

De Blob 2 will be available in digital and physical forms when it comes to Switch on August 28th and will cost $29.99USD - which, based on its predecessor, will likely equate to £26.99.