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de Blob 2 struggles at retail

Poor first month sales for THQ platformer.

THQ's colourful platform sequel de Blob 2 had a disappointing first month on sale, selling well below 75,000 copies in the US and failing to make the UK top 40.

The 2008 original was a quiet success story for THQ. As of February 2009 it had sold over 700,000 copies – an impressive achievement for a third party Wii exclusive.

However something has gone wrong with the follow up. According to a document posted on NeoGAF from investment specialists Wedbush Morgan, the now-multiplatform title sold "much less" than the 75,000 it had predicted for its first month on sale in the US.

Things haven't been much better on these shores with the game failing to crack the UK top 40 in its debut week on sale last month.

What a pity – developer Blue Tongue's effort deserves better.

"It's an endearing, creative and charismatic platformer with an abundance of bright ideas and the wisdom not to overplay any of them," wrote Eurogamer's Keza MacDonald in her 8/10 review. "It's just what you need in the middle of a dull, grey February."

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de Blob 2

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