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David Cage at Eurogamer Expo 2009

Video of the game and the Q&A.

We were very proud and honoured last week to welcome Quantic Dream's David Cage to the Eurogamer Expo, where, in addition to a playable showfloor demo laid on by publisher Sony Computer Entertainment, he walked attendees through Heavy Rain and took part in an open question-and-answer session.

We covered it all live and went hands-on with the showfloor demo, but there's no substitute for seeing it all first hand, which is why we made sure Eurogamer TV was there with a camera.

The result is the three sequences below. First up is Cage's introduction to Heavy Rain, during which he shows off the Hassan's Shop demo and the multiple ways there are to play through it.

Following that, you can check out two of the more significant sections of the Q&A, during which Cage was asked to share his views about mature content in games and then, right at the end, when someone (not us!) asked whether Heavy Rain would be feasible on any other format.

Heavy Rain is due out exclusively for PlayStation 3 early next year, and you can find several previews and loads of assets over on our Heavy Rain gamepage.

Heavy Rain presentation

David Cage on mature content

David Cage on PS3