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Darksiders 3 patch makes combat more like previous Darksiders games


The developers of Darksiders 3 have patched the game to make it feel more like previous Darksiders games.

The game's second update was released to the PC version yesterday, 20th December. Now, when you load a save or start a new game, you'll pick from default or classic combat. The developers said classic mode should feel more like previous Darksiders games in that it lets Fury dodge interrupt her attacks and use items instantly. Default mode is, as you'd expect, the original combat mode for Darksiders 3.

Meanwhile, the update added a few new checkpoints (one of the criticisms of the game revolved around its brutal checkpoint system).

There's also improved ledge grab detection on Fury, and new items that let you buy refills for Nephilim's Respite and refund your spent attribute points. The level cap is raised to 200, and there's a rebalanced leveling curve post level 80.

Check out the patch notes in full in the Darksiders 3 Steam page.

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Malindy reviewed Darksiders 3 for Eurogamer and called it "a pale imitation of itself". "Darksiders' schlocky action makes a welcome return, though it's not enough to shake the feeling you've played this before - and better," she wrote.