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Dark Souls gets its own themed cafe in Tokyo

I'll have the Sir Onion rings, please.

From Software's cult classic Dark Souls now has its very own themed cafe in Tokyo.

I'm sure it looks spookier at night.

As detailed by Famitsu (via SGCafe), the restaurant formerly known as the Oz Cafe made a deal with Namco Bandai to temporarily become Dark Souls-themed to promote the impending Dark Souls 2, due March 13th over there (and the following day in Europe, while North America gets it on the 11th).

The temporary installment is decorated to simulate various aspects of the series with estus flasks of booze, roasted mushroom people, a hostess dressed as the mute fire keeper Anastacia of Astora, and guests are even encouraged to put on a Dark Souls costume. Additionally, the decor is adorned with weapons, armour, chests, a bonfire, a world map, and messages done up to look like they were engraved with an orange soapstone.

Completing the "dark" half of its namesake, the cafe is only open from 6pm to 4am Monday-Saturday and closes at 11pm Sunday. Sounds like my kind of place!

Video game-themed restaurants are nothing new in Japan as both Resident Evil and Capcom as a whole have had their own custom-branded eateries.