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Daft sci-fi golf resort management sim GolfTopia enters Steam early access next week

Fore play.

Golftopia, the slightly absurd sci-fi golf resort management game from Space Pirates and Zombies 1 & 2 developer MinMax, will enter Steam early access next Tuesday, 21st July.

MinMax calls GolfTopia a humorous "building, management, tower defense hybrid", but its core is something like a retro-futuristic spin on the classic SimGolf formula.

Players are given the tools they'll need to construct their very own intergalactic golf resort, manipulating terrain, plopping down facilities, laying out playable holes - stuffing them with all the flashing lights, bumper bits, and teleporters they could possible dream of along the way - and satisfying visitors' needs in order to become a top-tier tourist destination.

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And what sci-fi golf resort management sim would be complete without resort-swallowing infestations of alien weeds that require worker drones and defensive turrets to properly contend with? Not this one, that's for sure!

MinMax says the early access launch version of GolfTopia will include all core features, but notes that plenty of tweaking, tuning, and polishing is still required. Secondary features will also be implemented during GolfTopia's planned six months of early access, including the likes of golfer tournaments, prestigious structures, and additional "crazy devices".

There's no price for GolfTopia yet, but if you're interested, you should keep an eye on its Steam page ready for its 21st July early access launch. You'll also find more gameplay videos here.

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