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Cyber Monday Broadband deals 2022: best offers

All the best Cyber Monday deals for on Wi-Fi & Broadband in the UK.

It's a wrap for the Black Friday sales and today we welcome the start of this year's Cyber Monday sales. The UK's major broadband providers are continuing to offer some cheap deals today. Brands such as BT, Sky and Virgin Media have all slashed their full fibre broadband prices. If you're looking to switch to a cheaper provider or upgrade your internet speeds, Cyber Monday is a great time to do just that.

Work from home for long enough, and you'll quickly learn the difference between reliable and unreliable broadband. There's also nothing more tedious than installing multiple games at once causing your internet to go at a snail's pace whilst you try to browse or stream anything else.

We're keeping this page up-to-date with the latest Cyber Monday broadband offers. Remember to check your eligibility just in case a certain deal doesn't extend to the Scottish Highlands, deepest Cornwall, or wherever you may reside.


BT Broadband

Virgin Media




Virgin Media




Community Fibre

EE Home Broadband

Eligible EE pay monthly customers could get 10 per cent off a broadband plan.

Will there be any broadband deals over Cyber Monday 2022?

Yes! Most major UK broadband services will offer Cyber Monday deals. This may include discounted monthly payments for a set period of time, or even some extra months free. Some brands may launch some early Cyber Monday broadband deals, so it's worth bookmarking this page to keep an eye out for offers ahead of 25th November.

Do Sky, Virgin, BT offer Cyber Monday deals?

Cyber Monday broadband deals will likely appear from Sky, BT and Virgin Media this year.

Who will have the cheapest and best broadband Black Friday deals?

It's hard to tell who will have the cheapest Cyber Monday broadband deals, but looking at last year, Hyperoptic had some of the cheapest offerings starting from just £20 per month, plus you could get an extra 3 months free. If you didn't mind paying a few extra quid, you could opt for Virgin and Sky from only £25 per month. BT was had one of the more expensive Cyber Monday deals, starting from £27.99 per month, but you could get 3 months extra free.