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Crystal Dynamics wants your thoughts on Legacy of Kain

A good (Blood) Omen.

For those of you keen to hear more about the future of the Legacy of Kain series, this will be right up your street.

Developer Crystal Dynamics has released a survey asking its fans what they would most like to see if the series was to make a come back.

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This survey (which you can complete yourself by following this link) asks about preferred platforms, whether users would like to see a reboot, remake or sequel to the Legacy of Kain series, and what it is about vampire games that captures your attention, among other things.

Reboot? Remake? Remaster?

In addition to this, Crystal Dynamics asks what type of game users would like to see in any future instalments, and preferred genres.

There are more options for genre, I just couldn't fit them into one shot.

Last month, the developer announced that it had regained "control" of its Legacy of Kain series, as well as that of the Tomb Raider IP, following Square Enix's sale of its Western studios (which included Crystal Dynamics) to Embracer. It is clearly looking to put this newfound control to good use.

Meanwhile, earlier in the year Embracer stated it saw "great potential" in its Square Enix acquisitions, including remakes of classic games.

"After the end of the quarter, we further strengthened our development capabilities and IP-portfolio by entering into an agreement to acquire Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and Square Enix Montreal, including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief, and Legacy of Kain and other IPs... We see a great potential, not only in sequels, but also in remakes, remasters, spinoffs, as well as transmedia projects across the Group," the company said back in May.