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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's hitboxes are "being worked on"

After nearly three years.

After nearly three years on the market Valve will be tweaking an important component of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by altering its hitboxes.

Initially reported by Kotaku, a Reddit user got 2700 upvotes on the following gif depicting a player shooting another player in the chest, only for the bullet to go through them.

When brought to the developer's attention, a different Redditer received an e-mail from Valve's Matt Wood saying, "It's being worked on. We don't have an eta."

Prior to its release, Valve stated that CS:GO's hitboxes would be smaller than those in Counter-Strike: Source, so players wouldn't take damage when a bullet looks like it should whiz right past them.

"In Counter-Strike: Source the generous hitboxes expanded on the character's model. In CS:GO the hitboxes more accurately portray the character," Valve said in a blog post prior to CS:GO's September 2012 release. "A near miss? Is a miss."

But now people are saying the hitboxes are too small. The grass is always greener it would seem.

We've contacted Valve asking if it can offer even a vague window for when such a change may occur. We also asked why it's taken so long to fix, and will update should we find out more.

Three years is a long time, but these sorts of things aren't unheard of. After all, Dark Souls 2's PC version launched with a weapon degradation bug that stayed in the game for nearly a year before it was addressed.

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