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Console players have yet to defeat The Division 2's first raid - and now the community wants Ubisoft to step in

Tango down.

The Division 2 players on console have called on Ubisoft to make changes to the game's first raid as it remains undefeated two days after launch.

The Operation Dark Hours raid was defeated in five hours by a team playing on PC - but no team has managed to defeat it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Why? Much of the difficulty on console stems from the sluggish aiming and movement compared to mouse and keyboard on PC. The raid's final boss in particular tasks players with reacting in just a few seconds with accurate damage per second fire. On console this challenge has so far proved insurmountable, while veteran raid teams on PC are now finishing the raid in around an hour.

Now, console players want Ubisoft to make meaningful changes to the way the raid works on their platforms - and not just in terms of difficulty, either, but in mechanics.

"Rather than introducing nerfs to the encounters at this time while things are still fresh, instead there should be changes made to the console versions to compensate for the differences over the PC version," writes redditor Viper114.

"Changes that don't harm the 'heart' of the encounter, but instead just allow console players a slightly better chance at success over the hardware shortcomings. Something like slightly extended moments of vulnerability, when the boss is able to be damaged, maybe by about a second or two, perhaps. Or something else."

One of the issues players have highlighted with the raid is that it seems designed for eight DPS builds, leaving little scope for team build strategy or alternative builds that might have revolved around healing, for example, or tanking.

"Not only is the gear designed for DPS but none of the skills or skill mods really allow group dynamics," said Born2beSlicker.

"There's nothing like the restore box in the first game. The pulse isn't viable either as there's just not enough AoE skills to buff your team. The shield isn't good for tanking either as pistols aren't good enough for damage."

The hope from some players is the developers separate balance updates on PC and console. Many games have done this in the past, including the recently-released Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, so such a thing isn't without precedent.

The Division 2's raid is so difficult on console it's become something of a joke with the game's community, and as you'd expect the memes have begun.

This is what the raid looks like on console! from r/thedivision

Ubisoft is yet to react to the complaints, but unless a team soldiers through the raid soon, it seems the developers will have no choice but to step in.

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