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Conker's Big Reunion gets an April release date in Project Spark

UPDATE: But no full Conker game in development, Microsoft confirms.

UPDATE 20/3/15 10.30am: Microsoft has confirmed that it is not working on a full Conker game, despite yesterday's Conker's Big Reunion DLC announcement for Project Spark.

Writing last night on Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed to a fan that there was currently no other Conker projects in development - at original developer Rare, or anyone else.

ORIGINAL STORY 19/3/15 5.55pm: Rare's lewd squirrel Conker is getting an all new episodic adventure in Project Spark with Conker's Big Reunion, due 23rd April

As teased last year, this will be Conker's first new game in the decade since 2005's Conker: Live & Reloaded, an Xbox remake of 2001's Conker's Bad Fury Day. Big Reunion sees the beloved, offensive squirrel trying to reconnect with his friends after a decade. He hasn't aged a bit.

Cover image for YouTube videoProject Spark: Conker Teaser Trailer

Voice actor Chris Seavor will reprise his role as Conker in this new adventure built by Project Spark developer Team Dakota. But don't worry: Team Dakota has Rare's blessing on this latest adventure. "Playable Conker content was a popular request from fans following the original announcement, and Team Dakota have stepped up to the plate," Rare wrote on its blog.

The Conker Play and Create Experiences, which will allow users to create their own Conker projects, will also be added to the Project Spark Marketplace on 23rd April. These will be available both individually and in bundles, though no price has been set yet.

"As the first external IP available inside of Project Spark, we are really excited and humbled," wrote Team Dakota's Brian Perry in the company's announcement. "We can't wait to see what our creators dream up next with these new assets. The Conker Builder Pack will be our largest yet.

"It's looking to have between 200-300 assets, including characters, props, terrain materials, visual effects, music and sound effects. It gives the community everything they need to make their very own Conker games or use the assets to make other unique games. We eagerly await all the brand new play experiences using these new assets in tandem with the growing catalog of content available within Project Spark."