Conker: Live and Reloaded

Conker's Big Reunion gets an April release date in Project Spark

Conker's Big Reunion gets an April release date in Project Spark

UPDATE: But no full Conker game in development, Microsoft confirms.

UPDATE 20/3/15 10.30am: Microsoft has confirmed that it is not working on a full Conker game, despite yesterday's Conker's Big Reunion DLC announcement for Project Spark.

Writing last night on Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed to a fan that there was currently no other Conker projects in development - at original developer Rare, or anyone else.

ORIGINAL STORY 19/3/15 5.55pm:

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FeatureThe man who made Conker - Rare's most adult game

From the archive: Chris Seavor on cancelled projects, the good old days and losing his rag.

Every Sunday we present an article from our archive - giving you a chance to discover something for the first time, or maybe just to get reacquainted. This week, with the Conker-starring Project Spark finally releasing, we go back to Wes' interview with the man behind Rare's foul-mouthed mascot.

Conker: Live & Reloaded

Conker: Live & Reloaded

Rarely has a game been so disappointing.

One of the great mysteries of our time is why on Earth Microsoft gave the green light to a remake of an N64 game that Nintendo saw fit to wash its hands of four years ago. Although Conker's Bad Fur Day was well-received at the time, its demented price tag or 60 or more meant precious few people ever got to play it. Just 25,000 hardy souls took the plunge in the UK. But, if you ask us, the fact that it got talked about at all had more to do with the game's profanity-laden novelty value and Rare's then-lofty status than anything to do with the game's genuine quality.

Frankly, if you'd just written the cheque for $375 million to buy Rare on that heady day in the summer of 2002, you'd have expected - nay, demanded - that three years later Microsoft would be striding confidently down the gold-paved streets of Hitsville. The reality, of course, is somewhat more demoralising than that. Not content with failing so spectacularly with Grabbed By The Ghoulies, we're now forced to squelch through the mire of this distinctly average platformer all over again but Now With Added Live Content. These are real tears we're crying here.

Command and Conker

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Conker bonus DVD

Then the world!

Microsoft is offering a bonus DVD as a pre-order incentive for US Xbox owners who feel like buying Conker: Live and Reloaded when it finally pitches up this June, and apparently it's something the company is considering for Europe.