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Conker's Big Reunion drops fresh gameplay trailer

Microsoft has released a new gameplay trailer for Conker's Big Reunion, its upcoming episodic adventure to be released within game creation software Project Spark.

Big Reunion is the first outing in years for Rare's foul-mouthed rodent, star of N64 classic Conker's Bad Fur Day and Xbox sequel Conker: Live and Reloaded.

You'll need Project Spark to play Big Reunion - either on Xbox One or Windows 8.1.

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Conker's Big Reunion gets an April release date in Project Spark

Conker's Big Reunion gets an April release date in Project Spark

UPDATE: But no full Conker game in development, Microsoft confirms.

UPDATE 20/3/15 10.30am: Microsoft has confirmed that it is not working on a full Conker game, despite yesterday's Conker's Big Reunion DLC announcement for Project Spark.

Writing last night on Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed to a fan that there was currently no other Conker projects in development - at original developer Rare, or anyone else.

ORIGINAL STORY 19/3/15 5.55pm:

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Project Spark leaves beta, boxed Starter Pack disc detailed

Microsoft's game creator sandbox Project Spark has finally moved from beta to its official release.

Xbox One and Windows 8.1 owners can now download the game's free-to-play client, or alternatively pick up the Project Spark Starter Pack when it launches for Xbox One on disc this Friday.

Priced at around 30, Microsoft has said that game's physical edition will include around 60 worth of content.

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Project Spark release date set for October on Xbox One and PC

Project Spark release date set for October on Xbox One and PC

Xbox 360 version will follow at an unannounced time.

Microsoft's game-making tool Project Spark will be available on 7th October, the Redmond giant announced.

The software is currently in open beta for Xbox One and Windows 8.1. A retail version of the Starter Pack will be available on Xbox One for $39.99 (about 30) and will include sounds, effects, animations, props and experience boosts to unlock content quicker.

Over one million beta users have created content in Project Spark, which will be available upon the game's commercial launch. You'll even be able to earn Achievements by playing this user-created content.

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Conker is in Project Spark

Rare's foul-mouthed squirrel "only in" UGC game. Um.

Conker, the absuive, drunken squirrel created by Rare and the star of the cult classic Conker's Bad Fur Day, will be in Project Spark.

Project Spark open beta launches on Xbox One

The Project Spark open beta has launched on Xbox One, Microsoft has announced.

You can now play the game maker and start creating without needing a beta code.

Search for Project Spark in the Xbox One store and install the game to get going. Once it's installed, simply launch the game.

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Project Spark beta launches on Xbox One today

The Project Spark beta launches on Xbox One today. Sign up to join in.

The beta has been available on Windows 8.1 since December, so there are plenty of guides, as well as games made by other people, already out there.

Encouragingly, there's also cross-platform support and Cloud Saving, so you can make something on a Windows 8.1 device then play it on Xbox One, or vice versa.

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Fable opening recreated with Project Spark

That free Xbox One, PC and 360 game-maker.

Will Project Spark really enable an entire Xbox One and PC community (and Xbox 360 at some point) to become game makers? Will the free tools be robust and versatile enough?

Project Spark beta begins on Xbox One next month

Project Spark beta begins on Xbox One next month

Creation station heads to console.

Project Spark will launch its Xbox One beta in February, Microsoft has announced.

The game-creation software is currently in closed beta for Windows 8 PCs. Its full release is due at some point this year.

"Project Spark Xbox One closed beta begins in February," developer Team Dakota revealed on the game's official Facebook page last night.

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Microsoft game sandbox Project Spark beta sign-ups live

Microsoft has opened beta registration for the PC version of its upcoming game creation software Project Spark.

Windows 8 PC users can navigate their Internet Explorers to the following link and sign up for the beta here.

"Thank you for your interest in Project Spark!" an email will then tell you. "We'll be in touch as soon as information about our Beta Test is available. But wait, there's more! Zoom on over to the Project Spark Facebook Page to keep up to date with the latest developments."

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Indies and the next generation of consoles

Inside Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony's fight for the future.

Indies are scorching hot. Maybe it was Minecraft. Maybe it was Super Meat Boy. Maybe it was Journey. Either way, just weeks before the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One it is indie developers who find themselves - whether they like it or not - on the front line of the next generation battle.

Xbox One sandbox Project Spark to launch beta in January

Xbox One sandbox Project Spark to launch beta in January

Record performance capture using Kinect.

Microsoft's free game-creation sandbox Project Spark will launch in beta for Xbox One in January 2014, the company has said.

It will follow a closed beta of Project Spark for Windows 8, due in late October.

Microsoft Studios exec Dave McCarthy told Digital Spy that the game will be largely complete by the time the Xbox One beta launches.

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What Indie devs @ Xbox for Xbox One means for gamers

Microsoft's new indie game chief wants "something crazy".

Yesterday Microsoft announced its Xbox One self-publishing program and with it opened up its marketplace to a raft of independent developers who previously were unable to get their games onto the Xbox platform.

Microsoft shows off 40 minutes of live Project Spark gameplay

Microsoft shows off 40 minutes of live Project Spark gameplay

Xbox One and Windows 8's LittleBigPlanet rival in action.

Project Spark developer Team Dakota has shown off an extended look at Microsoft's in-development world-creation game.

The team live-streamed over 40 minutes of live gameplay over Twitch.TV last night, showing off Project Spark's powerful level design and NPC AI tools.

First up is a look at how easy it is to build a generic fantasy environment to explore - including exploding goblin enemies.

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