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Conker's Bad Fur Day creators get together for Director's Commentary over a decade after release

Like the game, NSFW.

Some of the creators of Rare's action platformer Conker's Bad Fur Day have created a Director's Commentary of the game over a decade after it released.

Designer Chris Seavor and programmers Shawn Pile and Chris Marlow have published the video commentary in six parts - and it's as NSFW as the game itself, so be warned. Fans may recognise Marlow as the voice of the Great Mighty Poo - perhaps Conker's most infamous character.

Conker's Bad Fur Day launched in 2001 exclusively on the N64. It featured graphic violence, sexual themes and toilet humour that were in stark contrast to Nintendo's family-friendly video games.

Seavor and co pull no punches in their commentary, discussing the culture at Rare, the competitiveness between the "barns" (the teams within the studio working on different games) and the process of putting Conker's Bad Fur Day together. In November 2012 Eurogamer interviewed Seavor, now going it alone at Parashoot Stan developer Gory Detail, about his time at the legendary UK studio.

Episode one is embedded below. Check the Conker King YouTube channel for the others.

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