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Codemasters snags Formula 1 licence

First title expected in 2009.

Codemasters has picked up the rights to the Formula 1 licence that Sony used to command.

Its internal Race Driver: GRID team will set to work on creating games based on the IP for multiple platforms, with the first titles expected next year.

Central to the master plan is harnessing the online community in something called Formula 1 Online, as well as putting all the real-life drivers, courses, teams and cars in.

"As a world-leading creator of driving games, this alliance with Formula 1 is the jewel in Codemasters' racing crown and creates an undisputed segment champion," said Codemasters trouser-wearer Rod Cousens.

"Formula 1 has gone with the best, the segment leader. It has gone to the home of the EGO Engine for quality; it has gone to the company that can host Formula 1 Online, to the company that is streaking away from the pack."

Both Sony Europe and Codemasters were unable to shed any more light on the deal.