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Co-operative horror escape game Sanguivore: Twenty Below arrives in early access next month

Riddled in blood.

Sanguivore artwork of vampire character and four survivors in sepia tones
Image credit: Blood Eater Games

Sanguivore: Twenty Below, a brand new dark and bloody co-operative horror game, will enter Steam and Epic early access next month.

Described as an "escape-town" experience, it traps players in a sequence of escape room challenges that gradually expand in size and difficulty from a single room to much larger areas.

All the while players will need to run from the Sanguivore - "freakish abominations with a hunger for your flesh and blood". Yikes.

Sanguivore: Twenty Below - Early Access Trailer 2023Watch on YouTube

Though playable solo, up to four players can work collaboratively to solve puzzles, gather tools, evade enemies and survive as long as possible. Experience and "shards" can then be used to unlock survivor skills, perks, and skins.

Multiple solutions for different escape routes will ensure replayability, while collectible cards around each map will add additional challenges.

"Forthright Entertainment and Blood Eater Games are pleased to be partnering up on this fun, horror co-op experience," said Forthright Entertainment's Ryan Waller.

"It really is a mix of Escape Room meets Escape Town and working together as a team, solving puzzles and stealth is your primary focus whilst being hunted. The huge amount of fun we have had playtesting the game means we are sure fans of horror co-op survival games will have an amazing time whilst we shape the game for the full release in 2024."

Sanguivore: Twenty Below has just missed out on the Halloween buzz but will be in early access from 1st December.

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