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Co-op zombie shooter World War Z adds new Horde Mode in latest free update

And there's an explosive new zombie type too.

Developer Saber Interactive's enormously popular co-operative zombie shooter World War Z has just received a new update on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, this time adding an explosive new undead variant and a new horde mode.

Both additions arrive as part of World War Z's so-called Season Two of post-launch content, which has already introduced the likes of new missions and a new weapon. Now, however, players can face off against a new Special Zombie type known as The Bomber, described as the "unfortunate result of a military demolitions expert getting chewed on by a zombie".

Saber Interactive calls The Bomber a rare encounter, and notes that while it's extremely volatile, it brings valuable bonus loot for those teams with the skills to defeat it. That first requires precise shots to the "safe zones", such as its legs, then, once down, players can defuse the timed bombs strapped to its body in order to secure their reward.

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As for the game's new horde mode, imaginatively titled Horde Mode Z, it sees team fighting off endless waves of increasingly difficult undead opponents.

As a match progresses, players will earn resources that can be spent on a randomised weapon pool, weapon upgrades, heavy weapons, equipment bags, med kits, and events kits to assist in their efforts. Additional resources can be earned by completing secondary objectives during a round, or by opening military crates hidden around a level using a breaching charge.

World War Z's new update is the fifth released so far, and Saber Interactive says to expect one more as part of its current content season. Update six will bring cross-play support and new cosmetics, and the developer says more World War Z news will follow its release.