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Closure dev reveals explosive isometric multiplayer brawler Bombernauts

Use unlimited bombs to knock your opponents into space.

Black & white puzzler Closure was one of the most inventive entrants in the genre in awhile and now its creator Tyler Glaiel has shifted his focus from single-player brainteasers to multiplayer mayhem with his upcoming title Bombernauts.

Looking like a mix of Bomberman and Smash Bros., Bombernauts grants players an endless supply of bombs, which they'll need to use to blow up chunks of the level and knock their opponents into space. Fall into oblivion and you can come back as a ghost with the periodic ability to toss a ghost bomb into the fray. Kill with it and you'll get resurrected as a zombie. Last man standing wins.

Glaiel noted on the Bombernauts FAQ that he'd like "powerup customisation similar to the Super Smash Bros series." There will be plenty of options to customise the match restrictions, so you can give everyone jetpecks, for example, or reward certain items for performing specific actions.

So far Glaiel's got an online prototype running, but he noted local multiplayer is "on the to-do list." With any luck that'll be ready before Bombernauts premieres on Steam in 2014.

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